Stay ahead of the curve with easy-to-use automation tools

Build and share Stack templates without code 

Design your application’s requirements and dependencies into reusable stack templates, using Cycleops’s graphical stack builder. Achieve a smooth path to standardize various product-lines in your organization. 

Compose complex orchestration tasks that describe cloud infrastructure along with workload architecture used by your software applications. 

Easily prepare the grounds for setup deployments.

Automate cloud deployments 

Get out of the box self-service capabilities to setup cloud resources and software applications. Infrastructure provisioning as well as application deployment workflows become quicker and error-free using Cycleops’s Ansible-based automation engine. 

Easily streamline repeatable tasks in your software development lifecycle to embrace DevOps practices.

Utilize a rich Service Catalog

Take advantage of built-in units that offer collections of automated tasks to create cloud resources and install popular OSS. 

Collections include resources and services to model Infrastructure, Operating System and Platform (such as programming runtimes, web servers, databases, etc.) technology elements.

Easily consume a central pool of services to use in your Stack templates.

Control changes with Configuration Management   

Administrate custom configuration settings to enable seamless change control, as well as to easily populate and monitor configurations across numerous setups.

Each configuration represents a service, as the basic element used to build stack templates.

Efficiently define your desired configuration on any scale.

Track resources Inventory

View or review resources in a single point. Create isolated workspaces for your environments by distributing available resources.

Cloud resources can be registered with your Cycleops account or provisioned from within the platform. 

Centrally report or detail cloud resources in your setups.

Full-Stack Monitoring

Simplified full-stack observability into every single aspect of the system, to effectively monitor and assess application health and performance in the environments in which they run.

User Management for Teams

An all-around role-based access control system, allowing organization-wide policy enforcement towards a successful governance model. 

Get consolidated Reporting

Access to multiple available reports through interactive graphs and timelines. 

Audit trail records, job execution reports, historical data charts are available. A central and meaningful dashboard can be used to support a wide-spectrum of operational and planning decisions.

Quick fact and metric views allow for a more efficient process for software product lifecycle.