No-code DevOps automation for your software deployments

Stack builder 

Create software stacks to capture your application architecture in reusable templates. Pave the way to standardization in your software development cycles with an easy to use, no-code tool to create your custom deployment workflow.

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Deployment automation

Deploy application setups to install the required components and configure all the necessary settings on your servers. Execute the Ansible playbooks generated by Cycleops with our hosted automation engine workers.

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Unit catalog

Select the basic building blocks to create your software stacks from our collection of automation units. Install, configure and automate the deployment of Docker based applications without having to maintain any single line of code.

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Configuration management

Control or change the desired behavior of your automation units through reusable services included in your deployments. Scale efficiently across different environments or large number of servers and stay on top of your applications’ administration.

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Unified inventory

Connect the servers used for your deployments as target hosts, organize them in environments and groups through a single point of view. Instantly track the volume and the purpose of your bare metal servers and cloud instances.

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Add more members from your teams in the deployment workflow. Free your teams from communication deadlocks with the approach to self-service DevOps capabilities!


Access the history of events in your deployment automation process with detailed logs for the execution of each deployment. Easily audit your development cycles!