Stay ahead of the curve with easy-to-use automation tools


Custom template composition for application deployment needs, using Stack Builder, to standardize across multiple product lines, and reuse the organization’s engineering assets. Self-service provisioning capabilities, using an Ansible-based automation engine, to quickly deploy applications and streamline repeatable workflows, as well as related software development processes.

Service Catalog Management

A central pool of all the available IT services, applications, and cloud resources, helping authorized users to easily manage and quickly deploy the stacks they require.

Configuration Management

Custom configuration settings that can be seamlessly changed to easily populate and monitor all services   used across numerous stacks, ensuring availability and a higher level of control of application setups.

Unified Inventory

Inventory consolidation capacity that enables historical — as well as real-time — tracking and managing of IT assets and cloud resources.

Full-Stack Monitoring

Simplified full-stack observability into every single aspect of the system, to effectively monitor and assess application health and performance in the environments in which they run.

User Management for Teams

An all-around role-based access control system, allowing organization-wide policy enforcement towards a successful governance model. 


Audit trail, automation engine execution reports, detailed charts, and meaningful dashboard, supporting various operational and planning decisions.