Deploy containers with no-code automation

Cycleops is the easiest way to run Docker containers on your own cloud servers

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Are you developing software using Docker containers and you are striving to find a standard workflow from code commit to actual deployment?

Simplify Docker deployment with Cycleops! Create and reuse your desired delivery workflow

Standard containers stack template

  including Docker-engine installation and setup

Quick service definition

 for your Docker images and desired tags

Automation until delivery

based on dynamically generated automation playbooks

Deploy docker containers

Add host using form

Add host using command

Put DevOps practices in action rapidly

Do more without the need to learn new tools

Create your desired Dockerfile for each of the containers you are using and automate everything until deployment with Cycleops. No need to learn and write scripts for new tooling.

Test changes in the fastest way

Your code changes are transferred across the whole delivery workflow just based on the defined tags. You can see the relults of your work in an environment identical to the one you will use to release.

Reuse what works

Once you have defined the different stages required to deliver your software code, you can make use of the same workflow and set the parameters for your current use case.

Boost team collaboration

Work on a single online platform, like the one Cycleops offers, and let your team share their work without additional effort and error-prone human interaction.

Cloud management
for DevOps automation

  • Ansible automation
  • Central inventory
  • Service catalog
  • Workload monitoring
  • Audit and reporting
  • Team

Discover now what you can do with Cycleops