Self-service Software Deployments

Give the freedom to all your team members to deploy their latest code changes

Dev and Ops Collaboration In Practice

Enable your development teams to automate deployments of the code they write daily. The synergy of Agile methodologies and enhanced productivity has never been easier to integrate within your organization!

Easy access to automation tools through UI or CLI

Cycleops provides easy access to automation tools through a user-friendly UI or command-line interface (CLI). You developers can choose their preferred method, making it convenient for both technical and non-technical users to leverage the platform’s automation capabilities.

Faster time-to-market for your code changes or updates

By leveraging Cycleop’s features and automation capabilities, your developers can significantly reduce the time it takes to bring their code changes or updates from development to production. They can streamline the deployment process, eliminate manual tasks, and standardize their workflows, enabling faster delivery to the market.

Build whole environments on demand, from sandbox to release testing

Last, but not least, Cycleops allows your team to create entire environments — from sandbox environments for experimentation and development, to release testing environments for validating code changes before deployment. This on-demand capability means that your developers can quickly provision the necessary resources and configurations for development or testing purposes, without the need for manual setup or configuration.

Provide your team members with a straightforward solution for building automation with Docker containers

Complete No-Code Automation

Your team is no longer burdened with the task of writing and maintaining deployment scripts. With an all-encompassing automation tool handling every aspect of your deployment workflow, your team can guarantee consistent and reliable delivery to your customers.

Out-Of-The-Box Docker Units

Save your team time and effort by allowing them to reuse all the Docker automation brings with any combination their application’s environment requires.