Free playground server

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NO credit card, NO server required,  just a valid email address to get your invite.

    How it works

    We provide a free server to use with your Cycleops free plan to help you evaluate the product without the burden of setting up your own bare metal server.

    Put your Email

    You’ll receive an invite

     Test Cycleops for Free

    You will have 7 days to test out Cycleops.
    You can contact us to extend it if you need more time to evaluate it for free. 


    Is it really free?

    Yes! We provide free access to Cycleops and one EC2 instance for 7 days. The server will be deleted after this period. You can contact us to extend those 7 days.

    What can I do within the playground?

    There are no restrictions. You can deploy the sample Docker that is created for you. You can play with all the product functionality and deploy your own dockerized application.

    What are the limitations?

    You have no limitations! You can use the free EC2 instance we provide as a host for your evaluation period of 7 days.The server will be deleted after this period.

    What if I require some more time in the playground?

    Feel free to contact us at