Start with Cycleops in 3 steps

Get started with automating your deployments in just a few minutes, and get the most out of the platform, from day one.
By the end of this short guide, you‘ll have learned:

  • How to create your stack
  • How to configure your services
  • How to run your first deployment

Let’s get started!

1. How to create your stack

Stacks are design templates where your software architecture can be stored and used in deployments.

On the ‘Stacks’ page.
– Choose the predefined ‘default-containers’ to review the default Docker stack.

Or, click on the ‘Create new’ button to start using the built-in Cycleops units, and design your own stack. 

2. How to configure your services

Services carry the configuration settings required in your environment and are applied during the deployment.

On the ‘Services’ page.
– Review the configuration settings for ‘default-docker’ and ‘default-containers’ services.
At a glance, you see two services configured to install Docker and run a sample container.

Alternatively, click on the ‘Create new’ button to start configuring your own services.

a) Add your deployment target

Hosts are the servers used to deploy your stacks and services.

Navigate to the ‘Inventory’ menu item.
– Click on ‘Create Host ‘.
– Follow the on-screen instructions to set your server’s details.
Find out more in the how-to page below!

b) Create the deployment setup

Go to the ‘Setups’ menu item.
– Click on ‘Create Setup’ , and select the stack from step 1. Then, select the services from step 2 and give the setup name.
– Use the ‘Add Host’ button to select the host you just registered and click ‘Create’.

c) Run the deployment

Click on the ‘Deploy’ button to start the deployment.
Tip: Click on ‘>_’ to follow through the automated tasks executed by Cycleops.

Now you are all set! Use your browser to navigate to your host’s IP address. You are seeing an NGINX based container running on your server!

You are now ready to leverage the Cycleops single-click deployment capability!

Deployment automation in minutes

Create stacks instantly, and deliver your business software in any environment using Cycleops’ out-of-the-box integrations!

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Learn how you can automate your deployments with Cycleops.

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