Orchestrate Docker containers within your pipeline

Deploy microservices and applications
with your desired configuration using Cycleops CLI

No credit card required

Are you looking for a deployment tool to use in your existing development workflow?

Cycleops CLI connects your code to your servers

Create custom deployment templates

Configure your environment settings
through an intuitive UI

Integrate Cycleops CLI

Install with “pip install cycleops”
and start the deployment with a single command

Use existing triggers

Test or even deliver your application
based on code commits and/or merges as usual

Deploy docker containers

Add host using form

Add host using command

Put DevOps practices in action rapidly

Fits your current workflow

Boost your existing continuous integration pipelines with orchestrated deployments for Docker. Cycleops CLI has low
requirements so it integrates with Bitbucket, Github and any CI platform.

Faster development cycles

Manage the deployment of your business software, right from the place the code is created. Docker images or git repositories are configured as part of your environment definition.

Enable knowledge sharing

Let the members of your development and DevOps teams to share instantly their work. With a central platform to define
the environment from the software stack to configuration settings and servers everyone can reuse organization-wide templates.

Leverage industry best practices

You can apply your software architecture desicions easily and quite fast. The use of popular open source software from installation to configuration comes automated with the Cycleops units. As well as, the automation is executed from Cycleops for your environments.

Continuous Deployment in minutes

  • Central inventory
  • Service catalog
  • Built-in automation engine
  • Template builder
  • Configuration management UI and CLI
  • Audit log and reporting

Discover now what you can do with Cycleops