Manage your Cloud Inventory & optimize your Environment with Cycleops

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Gaining visibility into cloud resources — how they’re being managed and by whom — is essential for streamlining tasks and projects; and — of course — cloud spending, among other things. To that end, a sophisticated Cloud Management Platform (CMP) with a unified cloud inventory, like Cycleops, can assist you in managing your assets efficiently; while, at the same time, standardizing your cloud environments.

Why manage your cloud inventory in the first place?

Managing your cloud inventory means accurately tracking, classifying, allocating and, overall, controlling your cloud assets. Put simply, having visibility into your inventory helps avoid waste and ensures that all the aforementioned processes run smoothly. This means that you can make the most of your cloud infrastructure and spend only on what is necessary

After all, when your inventory is managed efficiently and systematically, visibility is always at a constant.  Unused or misplaced resources and workloads become a thing of the past. 

Cloud inventory and environment interconnectivity

Through the cloud inventory you can also understand your environment better; hence, act towards standardizing it. Besides, standardizing your cloud environment is one of the best practices for minimizing unpredictability and simplifying your architecture.

What’s more, the cloud environment is the only place, within your platform, where you can have isolation of cloud resources. By extension, this helps assign the use of assets and instances to hosts and host groups; to perform a set of tasks, based on different roles and permissions. By delegating and supervising workloads from a single point of management, this ultimately leads to greater administrative flexibility. 

Thereby, the interconnectivity between cloud inventory and cloud environments is undeniable: by managing the former, you can optimize the latter; and, together, these two functionalities allow for efficient asset management — providing, in brief: 

  • Centralized management and control
  • Access control to hosts and hosts groups
  • Asset allocation
  • Cloud instances monitoring 
  • Full ownership of cloud assets and resources
  • Cost visibility and management

The importance of efficient cloud asset management

It goes without saying that you can’t manage your Cloud effectively without managing your assets first. Why is that? To elaborate, it’s not uncommon for organizations and managers to lack visibility into cloud instances that are being used for each task and application. As a result, they can’t track down how much they spend on them — both in terms of time and money. So, they end up spending much more than necessary.

Again, to effectively manage your assets, you need to gain real-time visibility into your cloud inventory; which, in turn, will help optimize your cloud environment. At the end of the day, not only does this practice encourage the best utilization of your resources and infrastructure; it also steers you clear of unnecessary cloud costs. 

Cycleops: Single-point unified assets management designed for success

As a comprehensive Cloud Management Platform, Cycleops comes with an advanced cloud inventory functionality that serves as a single-point unified assets management tool. That being the case, Cycleops’ inventory is the one place to conveniently oversee, allocate, monitor and control your assets, across all projects and applications. 

This allows you to create policies for streamlining assets and resource usage. Thanks to this automated provisioning, you can readily optimize your cloud environments and reduce cloud costs. You only need to log in to your Cycleops account, create your environments and register your hosts or host groups; yes, it’s that easy!

The best part is that this functionality in Cycleops comes for free! Another important thing to keep in mind is that, with Cycleops, you can build, deploy and monitor, without compromising your team’s agility, productivity and creativity.

Making the most out of your Cloud Management Platform’s capabilities

Today, more than ever, organizations require complete visibility of their cloud assets, to keep their team’s productivity high and their cloud spending low. In any case, how can managers control access and usage of assets and resources, if they cannot monitor them properly? 

That’s where advanced Cloud Management Platforms come in — like our own, Cycleops. To offer a solution to this common — not to mention, long-standing — problem that IT managers, CTOs and CIOs often face. Thankfully, with an all-encompassing cloud inventory functionality that provides visibility into cloud instances and real-time asset monitoring, managers can gain an in-depth understanding of their environments.

Notwithstanding, our platform’s potential does not stop here. While it provides cloud governance and helps minimize costs, it offers an opportunity for agility, productivity, creativity and innovation, at the same time.