Open Conf 2023 Coincides with the Commercial Launch of Cycleops

Athens, November 10-11, 2023 — “Open Conf 2023” broke the mold of typical tech conferences, transforming into a gathering of visionaries, industry experts, and tech enthusiasts. Transcending the ordinary, the Open Conf team invited attendees and participants to immerse themselves in a space where knowledge flowed freely, and meaningful connections were forged. This year’s attendees got a “front-row” seat to groundbreaking trends in the tech industry — from AI and Machine Learning to Cyber Security, DevOps, and Deployment Automation.

Taking center stage as a platinum sponsor, Cycleops stole the show with a captivating presentation. Thanasis Parathyras, CEO and co-founder of Cycleops, and Paris Kasidiaris, CEO and co-founder of LOGIC, shared their insights into automating deployments on bare metal and went beyond the surface to make this complex topic accessible and fascinating. During their speech, they also announced the commercial launch of Cycleops, a cutting-edge deployment automation platform, marking a significant milestone in advancing the landscape of software delivery.

Keynote Speakers: Illuminating the path forward in the tech landscape

In the spirit of a forward-thinking tech conference, Open Conf featured a lineup of distinguished keynote speakers who not only graced the stage but shed light on the path forward in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Scott Chacon, CEO and co-founder of Gitbutler and co-founder of GitHub caught the audience’s attention with his thought-provoking talk titled “Open Source 2.0: The Text Editor’s Last Laugh,” delving into the future of programming in the era of Large Language Models (LLMs). Eleftheria Despoinara, Principal Director of Data & AI at Accenture, provided valuable insights into the integral role of AI across various industries, highlighting its transformative impact.

The dynamic duo of Selena Small, Head of Delivery and Lead Software Engineer at Fresho, and Michael Milewski, Leading Software Engineer and co-founder at Failure-Driven, took the audience on an enthralling journey through the world of effective pair programming, offering a glimpse into the collaborative magic that fuels innovation.

Platinum Sponsor Speakers: Captivating the audience with tech insights

The conference received unwavering support from two distinguished platinum sponsors, Nokia and Cycleops. Their captivating speeches not only added an extra layer of interest but also made a lasting impact on the entire event.

Nokia: AI in 5G, 6G, and 7G Networks

Dr. Dimitra Georgakaki, 5G Core Principal Developer at Nokia, shared her know-how regarding AI’s role in 5G, 6G, and 7G networks, discussing popular AI use cases for network traffic and troubleshooting analysis. The speech went further, offering insights into the lessons learned from automating data pipelines crucial for analytics and visualization.

Cycleops: Automate Deployments on Top of Bare Metal

Cycleops, represented by Thanassis Parathyras, CEO and co-founder of Cycleops, and Paris Kasidiaris, CEO and co-founder of LOGIC, took center stage to unveil the platform’s deployment automation capabilities through a live demo. 

On one hand, their presentation highlighted Cycleops as the answer to the scarcity of DevOps engineers in the job market, offering an accessible and efficient approach to automating deployments. On the other, it showcased deploying Docker-based applications to bare metal servers, illustrating Cycleops’ simplicity, effectiveness, and alignment with current industry practices.

Post-event, Thanassis Parathyras of Cycleops, shared his excitement about Open Conf 2023, saying:

“This year’s Open Conf was truly exhilarating! Not only did I have the pleasure of connecting with hundreds of developers but I also had an amazing time launching Cycleops. Indeed, presenting our deployment automation solution sparked insightful discussions, and we’re honored to have sponsored such a cutting-edge technology event in Greece.”

Paris Kasidiaris of LOGIC, who uses Cycleops to deploy frictionlessly container-based apps, added:

“Open Conf 2023 was certainly the most impressive installment so far. Launching Cycleops alongside Thanassis on stage, and featuring a live demonstration for the audience was an absolute thrill. The best part was people reaching out afterward and resonating with our presentation. I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling experience.”

The Cycleops team’s impact at Open Conf went beyond the duo’s insightful speech and live demo. Going above and beyond, Cycleops has extended an exclusive special offer to Open Conf attendees. Furthermore, in celebration of the commercial launch of Cycleops, the team is now happy to announce a unique offer for any customer signing up before the end of 2023.  This gesture reflects the team’s appreciation and serves as an encouragement for the wider adoption of a state-of-the-art deployment automation platform that can make a difference in the software delivery process.