7 reasons why you need a Cloud Management Platform

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7 reasons why you need a Cloud Management Platform

Businesses, today, want to make the most of the Cloud and everything it has to offer. However, operating in the Cloud isn’t as simple as it may sound. Be that as it may, managing cloud operations and resources is vital for achieving and maintaining business efficiency; and, the best possible way to get there, is by implementing an end-to-end cloud management platform (CMP). 

So why should you, an IT manager, need such software to help your company reap the benefits of the Cloud? To answer that question, we’ve listed below all the palpable CMP facts that will convince you to get one up and running, as soon as possible!

Why should you start using a Cloud management platform, today?

As the Cloud gathers over the business world, a comprehensive cloud management platform seems to be the optimal solution for a successful cloud journey. That’s because a good CMP comes with all the necessary tools to help simplify IT management; while enabling IT managers to optimize security, control expenses and ensure compliance in the cloud, all through a unified interface.

Having said that, introducing a CMP to your team can have a host of benefits for your business, as  a whole. Some of the most important reasons to start using a cloud management platform include:

1. Enables centralized, self-service management

One major problem IT managers face with modern complex cloud environments is lack of visibility. The right cloud management software comes to solve that problem, offering advanced management capabilities that allow for centralized, self-service cloud resource management, all from a single interface.

Now, you’ll be able to visualize and foresee consumption, while pinpointing resources that are not utilized properly; among other functions. This means that, through its user interface, you can provision the resources you really need, in a matter of seconds. 

2. Facilitates automation practices

Undoubtedly, a good cloud management platform is based on automation tools and processes; besides, the very nature of the Cloud mandates it. For example, a CMP helps you find and allocate the resources you need, at any given time, on your network; that is, rather than spending valuable time trying to discover them. Likewise, it can also help you spot any resource usage problems, and provide the means to fix them, on the spot. Overall, automation helps keep a smooth flow regarding service delivery; thus, optimizing, and accelerating the application lifecycle.

3. Streamlines performance and increases quality of service

For IT managers, the health and performance of the infrastructure, software, and systems is a priority. To help keep everything under control, cloud management platforms enable you and your team to set up performance and health monitoring; as well as collect and examine essential analytics, to proactively prevent a potential slowdown or downtime. This function streamlines performance, simply by ensuring that timely corrective actions are taken to reduce troubleshooting time; and, at the same time, increasing the quality of service. 

4. Improves team collaboration 

Indeed, one of the most important reasons to invest in a robust cloud management platform is for improving the way teams work and collaborate. This can be achieved by properly managing infrastructure and resources usage, based on project or task assignments. The objective here is to share and use the same technology, as well as automate workflows; that is, in order to enable smooth team collaboration, save time, and boost productivity.

5. Ensures compliance

A good cloud management platform helps you oversee and manage your IT assets, by letting you know who is doing what, within your infrastructure; so that you don’t have to worry about tracking and managing user permissions — nor enforcing policies — anymore. Now, you can significantly improve governance and ensure compliance across important frameworks.

6. Protects your IT infrastructure

Compliance goes hand in hand with security and those two, together, help you safeguard the IT infrastructure; which is one of your biggest responsibilities. The good news is that cloud management software allows you to continuously scan for vulnerabilities across the entire infrastructure; and, consequently, mitigate risks. What’s more, you can make sure that best security practices are applied; such as, performing risk assessments, implementing threat protection, carrying out remediation, etc. 

7. Optimizes cloud spending 

Truth be told, cloud costs can easily get out of hand, if you don’t manage them effectively. And, how can you do that? By knowing resource usage, at all times. As it often happens, unused — or underutilized — resources can drain the company’s bottom line. Through the actionable visibility a CMP offers, you can gain deep insight into cost allocation, streamline resource consumption and, thus, control cloud expenses.

Why Cycleops for Cloud Management?

Cycleops is a well-architected cloud management platform that can help IT managers gain visibility into their IT assets, accelerate service delivery and enhance overall cloud efficiency. In this respect, it provides a rich set of capabilities for automation processes, resource allocation, IT operations monitoring and analytics; and, of course, cost optimization. All things considered, Cycleops is a flexible CMP that can help your business meet the needs of its customers and scale in the Cloud. 

If you’re looking to save on costs, time and effort with the best automation tools and practices, it’s time to start leveraging Cycleops’ capabilities.

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