How to benefit from Single-click Application Deployment

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In recent years, the growing need for faster time-to-market — as well as user feedback — inevitably led to radical changes in old-school software deployment. After all, the traditional deployment process is time-consuming; not to mention, expensive. This being the case, cloud services evolved to enable a centralized, single-click application deployment system for various technologies. And thus, reshaped software delivery models for the modern business world.

A take on the complications of the traditional application deployment model

As you know, most software deployment processes consist of multiple interrelated tasks and activities to get everything up and running. Depending on the software, the conventional deployment model may include several variables. 

Naturally, this renders it an extremely intricate process, requiring specialized people for engineering, coordinating, and overseeing every step of the deployment roadmap. Even the slightest mistake during a manual deployment process can have grave consequences; from downtime and security breaches to entirely failed deployments, low team morale and disproportionately high costs. 

Considering the above, every CTO should ask themselves: “Why not automate the deployment process, and avoid mistakes?”

What is single-click application deployment? 

Simply put, single-click application deployment is deploying your applications to the cloud setup and making them available to end-users with just one click. With single-click application deployment, you have the ability to test your application early in the development pipeline; then, move it on to the production environment, using automated processes. As a result, deployment becomes repeatable, reliable and scalable. 

Utilizing the capabilities of a cloud management platform for single-click application deployment

Α centralized cloud management platform, like Cycleops, takes the software deployment process one step further; enabling single-click application deployment for your team. As mentioned, this helps the deployment process become repeatable and less error-prone. This way, your Dev team has time to focus on new ideas and release new features and applications, faster than ever. 

So, when it comes down to it, how can a cloud management platform, like Cycleops, help you benefit from single-click application deployment?

1. Errors are minimized and your deployments become automated

Many things can go wrong in manual deployments — missing important steps, faults occurring during releases that can go unnoticed; and the list goes on. The good news with single-click application deployment is the reliability it offers, as there’s little human intervention and no variability. Once everything is configured, the deployment process is set; and it will remain the same, every time your team hits the deploy button. 

2. Deployments can be handled by anyone in your team

This is yet another perk of an automated deployment process — you don’t have to rely on a specialist to follow through with the deployment. With Cycleops and its single-click application deployment capabilities, everything required to release your software is in the system, not in a person’s know-how. And since we’re talking about a centralized platform, any team member can initiate a release, as long as they are authorized to do so.

3. There’s more time for you team to develop new features or applications

Teams overloaded with manual processes that slow down software delivery is a problem that automated deployment is here to solve. Besides, your team should focus on remaining Agile and coming up with new ideas for the next set of features and software improvements, right? 

Indeed, with Cycleops’ single-click application deployment your team doesn’t need to spend much time on a deployment; unless, of course, something goes wrong. As it turns out, that way, your Dev team gets to spend more time on creating new software.

4. Your team can release new features faster and more frequently

If anything, single-click software deployment has minimal, if not zero overhead; which, in turn, leads to frequent releases. Since costs are low, your team can gradually deliver new features to end-users; and, while at it, gather valuable feedback to improve your product. In doing so, they can make necessary adaptations and even come up with innovative ideas for upcoming releases, or even new apps.

Summing up on single-click application deployment

It goes without saying, in the fast-paced digital age, every software development team should have access to single-click deployment. Why? Because it minimizes the possibility of errors. At the same time, it frees up productive time to focus on more critical issues for the business. Furthermore, such a shift in the deployment process improves software quality and has a measurable impact on time-to-market. 

Using a cloud management platform, like Cycleops, ensures smooth single-click software deployment, running through a setup based on the industry’s best practices. Among other things, with Cycleops, you can deploy new applications much faster, manage your infrastructure more efficiently, and boost team collaboration and productivity. 

Want to know how you can get started with single-click application deployment using Cycleops? Request a demo with one of our experts today!