6 steps to Total Visibility Cloud Management

6 steps to Total Visibility Cloud Management

In today’s world of digital transformation, visibility into the Cloud is critical. Without it, you can’t understand your Cloud operations; or how to manage them, as a CTO. And, without a total visibility cloud management strategy, your cloud environments can spiral out of control; and, become a cost center — rather than an enabler of scalability and growth.

By having a complete picture of your Cloud — including services, resources, workflows, configurations, changes, permissions, etc. — you can enable Cloud efficiency, and security; while simultaneously minimizing Cloud costs. 

But, before we get there, let’s clarify what Cloud visibility is, first.

What is Cloud visibility?

Cloud visibility is having a detailed view of Cloud activities. This means, you don’t just identify performance inefficiencies, but also security threats in your Cloud deployments, and assets. In short, it’s the ability to access and monitor any data you require, in real-time.

Why is Total Visibility Cloud Management important?

Total control, monitoring, and management of your Cloud can only be achieved when you have meaningful visibility of your entire list of assets. If you can’t identify your Cloud’s loose ends in real-time, then your business may be wasting resources, valuable time and money on unnecessary or burdensome cloud assets. Utilizing a total visibility Cloud management solution, like a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that works for you, will allow you to minimize waste, optimize your spending and start monitoring your assets effectively. 

Why do you need a Cloud Management Platform for Cloud visibility?

In a world that is overloaded with data, gaining insights is the only way tech-driven businesses can understand their customers, analyze market trends and tweak strategies; not only to outdo the competition but, also, to grow. However, simply having access to data will not do; what will do is how businesses turn that data into insights, to increase the chances of success. And Cloud Management Platforms are proving to be game-changers in that direction. 

A good CMP enables total visibility Cloud management of your entire Cloud portfolio, from a single point of action. With this kind of visibility, you can make informed decisions, based on metrics, rather than guesses. You’ll know where your Cloud budget is going and which applications are coming up for renewal; you can also allocate resources as needed. Nothing goes to waste; unless you want it to, of course. 

Such a tool will help you:

Hence, enabling you to be more efficient in managing Cloud operations.

That said, below we highlight six steps you can take with a CMP, for total visibility Cloud management.

Total Visibility Cloud Management —  6 steps to get there, using a CMP

Without further ado, let’s see how you can use a Cloud Management Platform, as a total  visibility Cloud management console:

1. Overviewing everything from a centralized dashboard

Total visibility Cloud management, undoubtedly, starts with a centralized dashboard. Indeed, through its intuitive dashboard, a CMP can allow you to control your entire Cloud. On one hand, it helps you view and review your applications, in the environment in which they run; and, manage workflows efficiently. On the other hand, it helps to promptly identify events that might need attention; such as issues with any of the applications.

2. Tracking your assets and managing the Inventory 

A CMP can also make for a great Inventory management tool. Once you log into your account, you can view and manage all provisioned cloud assets, via the dashboard, in real-time. This means that you’ll know, at any given moment, what asset is being used, for what purpose and by whom. Such a unified assets approach has the power to streamline your processes and reduce operational costs.

3. Handling configuration changes

Analyzing and handling configuration changes will certainly help maintain a secure environment, aligned to the company’s standards; while, of course, maintaining the integrity of your applications. Using your Cloud Management Platform, you can pinpoint changes across a deployment — or in individual resources used – and immediately intervene if something seems off. 

4. Monitoring applications and Operations 

With a CMP, you instantly have a high level of visibility into both your applications and Operations. Through the dashboard, you can closely observe and assess every single aspect of the system. In effect, you can:

  • Monitor the health and performance of your applications.
  • Ensure that Operations are running smoothly — and, always in conjunction with the agreed SLAs. 
  • Get insights, to identify opportunities for resource rightsizing, across your cloud services

5. Getting performance metrics

As you’ve probably gathered by now, another way into total visibility Cloud management is getting critical metrics, to address performance issues. All in all, with a Cloud Management Platform, you get a deeper understanding of sophisticated metrics, regarding services, assets, resources and their performance — all in one place. By leveraging them — apart from addressing issues on the spot — you can also spot opportunities within your Cloud that have not yet been explored.

6. Managing Cloud spend

Last but not least, through actionable visibility, you can discover underutilized resources — and wastage — in your Cloud. Unused capacity could be costing you a significant amount of money that can hamper growth. With total visibility, you can save both time and money by:

  • Proactively identifying savings opportunities
  • Gaining deep insight into cost allocation, and spend optimization
  • Making the most of your resources to improve efficiency and increase capacity, as the need arises — and, as the company scales

Take control of your Cloud, with Cycleops

Frankly, managing a Cloud can be daunting; especially if you don’t know what’s going on up there. Fortunately, there are total visibility Cloud management solutions — mainly CMPs — that can provide all the insights you need, to take control of your Cloud. Such solutions principally ensure that your applications are up and running smoothly.

Indeed, a comprehensive Cloud Management Platform, like Cycleops, can deliver a complete picture of your IT environments. In fact, it’s designed to provide you with all the metrics you need to manage virtual environments, easily and efficiently. It also saves you the hassle of manually monitoring your Cloud applications — and operations. At the same time, through its self-service DevOps capabilities, it enables you and your team to deliver robust applications, at a lower cost, much faster. 

Your Cloud may be complex, but managing it doesn’t have to be. To that end, we offer you a highly flexible platform that can meet your unique needs, as you scale in the Cloud. An intuitive tool that enables you to gain total control over your infrastructure; including performance, security and, of course, costs. So, if you are looking to save money, time and effort to maximize operational efficiency in the Cloud, it’s time to leverage Cycleops. 
So, stay relevant and claim your right to Total Visibility Cloud Management, in the fast-paced digital transformation era. Sign up for free, today!